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The Science of Spring Cleaning

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If you feel the urge to roll up your sleeves and bust out the cleaning supplies, you’re not alone. Learn why we’re wired to start deep cleaning in the springtime and how to equip yourself for the coming season.  

Biological Reasons / Our Minds Tell Us to Clean 

In the winter, the brain’s pineal gland responds to the shorter days and increased periods of darkness, causing our melatonin productions to increase. This causes sleepiness, and when we’re more lethargic, we have less drive to complete high-movement activities.  

Once spring comes around, the increased exposure to sunlight reduces melatonin output, boosting our energy. We rise earlier and want to complete jobs we put off in the winter months. Those dusty shelves and dirty windows are no longer safely hidden in the dark—our incentive to reopen our space to the sunlight and freshness returns.  

Psychological Reasons / A Fresh New Start 

Certain times of the year prompt higher motivation, urging us to have a “fresh start.” Whether it be around New Year’s, a birthday, or the beginning of spring, the sense to reset at specific moments helps us feel in control of our lives. Deep cleaning our homes is one way to act on these bursts of motivation.  

We also associate cleanliness with health and safety, and clutter equates to stress. When we tidy up, we eliminate this stressor and feel better in a healthier home environment. Removing particles that accumulate in the winter can reduce the chances of illness and allergies, putting our minds at rest.  

Equip Yourself for Spring Cleaning 

Levoit VortexIQ 40 Cordless Vacuum

With spring at our doorstep, properly equipping ourselves for the deep clean ahead is essential for making the most of our time. Using a good vacuum can save you from problems like low suction power and overheating. Enjoy a cleaner and happier space in less time with the Levoit VortexIQ™ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum. With various attachments to choose from and a long battery life, you can clear old dirt and dust and feel the spring freshness inside and out.  







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