You're unique, and so is your air.

Every home has its own allergens. Whether you're struggling with pet dander, smoke, or other airborne particles, every Levoit air purifier is equipped to keep your home fresh.

An Industry Trusted Brand

Every Levoit Air Purifier is Equipped with 3-Stage Filtration

Main Filter
High-Efficiency Activated Carbon

Third-Party Certifications

Don't just take our word for it. Check our third-party certifications* and rest assured your air is in good hands.

Customer Favorites

  • Levoit Core® 200S Smart Air Purifier

    "This air purifier is exactly what the doctor ordered. My husband and I have been suffering with allergies and then we also have pets so there’s pet dander and other pollutants in our living space... Since we started using the air purifier, we are sleeping better and less congested... We definitely recommend."
    - Geekgirlfinds

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  • Levoit Core® 400S Smart Air Purifier

    "My wife and I are plagued by summer allergies and gave the Levoit Core 400S air purifier a try... The air quality was much improved with the unit. So much so, that we purchased another for our bedroom. With the summer air quality alerts that have been occurring, I'm glad we have these air purifiers."
    — Joe Gomolchak

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  • Levoit Core® 600S Smart Air Purifier

    "We bought this for COVID-safer indoor spaces, plus it was very handy during the smoky days (in NY) from the Canadian fires. It kept our indoor space breathable without masks during the smoke, and there were noticeable differences in other rooms without the purifier. The AQI reading on top is nice."
    - SSSS

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Pure Innovation

The Levoit Core® 600S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier is a perfect example of the innovative thinking that makes our air purifiers so effective

Fresh Air, the Smart Way

A host of smart features lets you stay on top of your air quality at all times.

  • Realtime Air Quality Indicator

  • Create Customized Schedules

  • Track Air Quality Over Time

  • Check Filter Life