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Air Quality & Mental Health

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We know air quality affects our physical health, but did you know it can also affect our mental health?  

In a recent study,  data from a Korean Health Community Survey was used to analyze the effects of local air quality over a 5-year timespan, ultimately analyzing over 124,000 subjects. 

After interviewing text subjects and comparing their answers with the trends of air quality in their respective neighborhoods, the scientists found that long-term exposure to air pollution increased the risk of depression and thoughts of self-harm.  

Other studies also associate low air quality with heightened anxiety, and children are found to be especially vulnerable due to their developing brains.  

While more studies need to be done, it’s clear that the importance of air quality cannot be understated. 

Did you know infographic
1 in 8 people across the globe live with a mental health disorder. 99% of the world’s population breathes air that exceeds the World Health Organization’s air quality standards. 1 in 3 Americans live in places with unhealthy levels of air pollution. 72% of people in counties with the worst pollution (in the United States) are people of color. 

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution 

Did you know these pollutants may be in your home right now? 

Vehicle Emissions: If you live near highways and heavy traffic areas, those exhaust fumes will find their way into your home.  

Wildfire Smoke: Wildfire smoke can travel for hundreds of miles and carries high levels of particulate matter, including sulfuric acid, ammonium sulfate, organic chemicals, soot, metals, and pollen. 

Secondhand Smoke: Smoke from cigarettes and cooking fumes contribute to low indoor air quality. 

Pets: Playful pets release pet dander and pet fur into our air, as well as ammonia from litter boxes and potty accidents. 

Plants: Pollen from indoor and outdoor plants can get stuck in your indoor air supply. 

Dust & Fibers: They’re invisible until you see hundreds of them floating in a beam of sunlight, then it suddenly feels like they’re everywhere. 

How to Protect Your Home’s Air Quality 

Cleaning Routine: Shrink big chores into smaller daily tasks. This will make it easier for you to stick to a consistent cleaning routine and help prevent surface dust, fibers, and pollen from getting swept into your air.    
Air Purifiers:
An air purifier is an all-in-one way to improve air circulation, monitor your indoor air quality, and remove harmful airborne pollutants. If your family includes furry four-legged friends, we recommend the Levoit Vital 200S. 
Open Up: If you haven’t invested in an air purifier yet, opening doors and windows will help increase air circulation and prevent pollutants from lingering in your home. 
Avoid Gas Stoves: It’s no surprise that gas stoves negatively affect indoor air quality. However, if you already have one and don’t want to replace it, don’t panic. Cooking at lower temperatures and using proper air ventilation will help reduce a gas stove’s impact on your air quality. 

Mental Health Resources 

If you’re struggling, please know that you’re not alone. Here are some resources developed to help shed light on mental health and offer solutions: 
Important Note    
The information provided here is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be used in medical emergencies or for diagnosing or treating any medical condition. It's crucial to consult a licensed medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. External links are for informational purposes and do not constitute endorsements. No warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, is made as to the products and/or the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, or correctness of the information provided herein. 

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