How to Prepare for
Wildfire Season

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A Concerning Issue

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, in 2023, the U.S. experienced 56,580 wildfires, burning a total of 2,693,910 acres across the country. It takes a lot of manpower to keep our lands safe. Every year, the U.S. Forest Service sends over 10,000 firefighters to help protect our homes and natural habitats. While not all of us can fight the fires directly, we can take steps to help keep ourselves safe and healthy throughout wildfire season.

  • The Benefits of an Air Purifier

    While these steps will ensure you are ready in case of an emergency, air purifiers offer even greater security and peace of mind, refreshing your air with powerful fan speeds and high-quality filtration. Purchasing the right model is essential for protecting your home from wildfire smoke. Home air purifiers can quickly filter a wide variety of airborne contaminants, cleaning the air in your home before pollutants can negatively impact your health.

    Among other things, air purifiers

    • Filter hazardous materials like soot or ash in the air
    • Help relieve asthma symptoms
    • Reduce the transmission of airborne diseases
    • Help neutralize unpleasant household odors
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VeSync App Support

VeSync app offers wildfire support, enabling you to monitor air quality, stay updated on wildfires, and receive notifications about your surrounding area. With VeSync, you are always in the know and ready, whether you’re at home or away.

  • Remotely control your air purifier.

  • Receive instant wildfire alerts.

  • Review PM2.5 particulate data.

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental data.

Why Levoit?

Home is more than a space, it’s a feeling. At Levoit, we pay attention to every detail of your environment, from the ground you walk on to the air you breathe. Through customizable technology and award-winning home wellness products, we look to promote awareness and provide solutions that fit seamlessly into your daily routine. As our collection continues to grow, the guiding principle remains the same: you aren’t home until you feel at home.


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