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Which Levoit OasisMist™ Humidifier is Right for You?

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This year, we launched our first tower humidifier and second product in our Levoit OasisMist™ series, the Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Tower Humidifier. The Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S boasts the fan-favorite features of the Levoit OasisMist™ 450S, as well as a few differences. 

Continue reading to find out which Levoit OasisMist™ humidifier is best for you. 


Room Coverage 

OasisMist 1000S in large room

Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S: Perfect for large rooms, this humidifier covers 300–600 ft². 

Levoit OasisMist™ 450S: Perfect for small to medium rooms, this humidifier covers 215–430 ft². 


Tank Size 

OasisMist 1000S humidifier has up to 100 hour runtime

Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S: Place this 10-liter tank design on the floor and save your counter space. 

Levoit OasisMist™ 450S: This 4.5-liter tank design is ideal for those with less floor space who’d rather place their humidifier on the counter. 


Max Runtime 

Smart Cool Mist Humidifier for Large Rooms

Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S: Enjoy up to 100 hours of continuous mist before refilling the tank. 

Levoit OasisMist™ 450S: Enjoy up to 45 hours of continuous mist before refilling the tank. 


Mist Temperature  

OasisMist humidity display

Levoit OasisMist™ 1000S: Humidify your space with cool mist that’s safer for households with children and pets. 

Levoit OasisMist™ 450S: Choose between warm and cool mist, with warm mist providing faster humidification. 


Which one is your favorite? Shop our Levoit OasisMist™ humidifiers now to order customizable humidity right to your door. 


Comparison chart between two Levoit OasisMist humidifiers


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