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Storytime with the Vital 200S

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We’ll admit it: we’re having a lot of fun with our newest product launch. Enjoy some stories about the Levoit Vital 200S Smart Air Purifier—the air purifier that makes fresh air feel like a fairytale. 

The Vital 200S Arrives

Young Billy awoke to the sight of a large blue box in his living room. He circled around the box, attempting to ascertain whether it had already been opened. It appeared to be tightly shut.

“Billy!” his mother called.

Billy found his mom in the kitchen, flipping pancakes while his dad pulled maple syrup out of the fridge. Whiskers, the old family cat, hopped onto the counter. She shook a fly off her head and swooshed her tail. Billy’s dad had a tissue ready for Billy’s sneeze.

Later that day, when Billy went into the living room to play, he noticed something was missing. The big blue box was gone—replaced by a sleek white rectangle with a wide U-shaped smile. It wasn’t until he stood right next to the air purifier, that he could hear a very low hum—a quieter version of the white noise sounds his parents played for him while he slept.

Levoit Vital 200S with cat

As Billy raced cars and flipped through picture books, Whiskers jumped from couch to couch. His mom whispered something to his dad, who smiled and tapped his phone. The air purifier’s fan speed leveled up. The few strands of pet fur that fell from Whiskers as she frolicked got sucked into the air purifier’s U-shaped air inlet while Billy continued playing happily.

After dinner, Billy and his parents went into the living room to watch his favorite movie. As the lights went down and they cozied up with blankets, Billy’s mom said, “Alexa, turn the air purifier to Sleep Mode.”

The little air purifier’s display turned off, but the fan inside continued to quietly turn, keeping their living room fresh and comfortable throughout the night.

A New Perspective

As the Vital 200S continued to settle into its new home, the family’s calendar grew busy, and the air purifier got to explore different rooms of the house, such as the parents’ big bedroom.

There, the Vital 200S got to use all its best features. The parents couldn’t see all the airborne pollutants, but the Vital 200S could. Hairspray particles, cat dander, dust, and bits of pollen that wafted off their clothes. These pollutants made the family cough and sneeze, so the Vital 200S worked hard to circulate fresh air throughout the room and catch all the things that made new family uncomfortable.

Levoit Vital 200S fighting off dust

The parents scheduled the air purifier to run on Sleep Mode during the night, then switch to Auto Mode in the morning. While the family got ready for the day, the Vital 200S automatically switched to whichever fan speed was needed to keep the room fresh.

Billy and his parents always looked forward to returning home from school and work, because no matter where they’d been, they knew the Vital 200S was keeping their home fresh and cozy , just for them.

Happily Ever After

The Vital 200S was like a knight in shining armor, fighting airborne monsters all day and night. Whether the pollutants fumed out of smoky kitchen mishaps, too much hairspray, or flew off Whiskers, the little  air purifier used 3-stage filtration to keep its family comfortable.

Levoit Vital 200S with knights

Every few weeks, one of the parents would clean the Washable Pre-Filter with a splash of water and mild detergent. This helped the Vital 200S continue to purify their air with ease, as well as kept the entire filtration system running smoothly for longer.

With the Vital 200S, every day could be refreshed into a happily ever after.

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