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Meet the Levoit OasisMist™ 450S Smart Humidifier

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Humidity is something everyone needs, but it’s incredibly hard to control. Weather, seasonal changes, and HVAC systems can affect the amount of moisture in the air, leaving us with dry skin and hair, as well as nightly congestion. 

So, we set out to design a humidifier that would give you control over your home’s humidity, no matter the weather. Continue reading to find out what special features make the OasisMist one of a kind. 

Warm & Cool Mist 

OasisMist 2-in-1 humidifier

We wanted to create a 2-in-1 humidifier that would feel refreshing in both hot and cold weather. The choice between warm and cool mist allows you to customize settings to bring you maximum comfort. 

Here are the main benefits of each setting: 

Warm Mist 

  • Great for congestion 
  • Perfect for winter 
  • Humidifies faster 

Cool Mist 

  • Longer runtime 
  • Refreshing in summer 
  • More energy efficient 


Additionally, the OasisMist uses warm and cool water to create a vortex effect, providing a greater mist-height and volume in order to humidify your space more quickly and efficiently. 

Perks of a Large Tank 

With a 1.19-gallon tank, the OasisMist offers a longer runtime and fewer refills, providing up to 45 hours of continuous mist on one full tank. Because of the large tank size, we also knew it was important to make sure the tank was easy to carry, so we added a built-in handle for your convenience.  

Smart Control 

OasisMist Smart Control with VeSync app

We couldn’t create our newest humidifier without smart control and scheduling. When you connect the OasisMist to the free VeSync app, you can control and monitor your home’s humidity from anywhere. Whether you’re at work or out for a day trip, prep your home for your arrival with a quick tap on your smartphone. 

VeSync App Functions: 

  • Control settings 
  • Create schedules 
  • Set timers 
  • Set humidity preference for Auto Mode 
  • Real-time humidity tracking 
  • Connect to third-party voice assistants 


With a wide range of smart functions, the OasisMist is a humidifier designed to match your schedule and lifestyle. 

Top-Fill Design 

Has an easy top-fill design

Finally, the OasisMist boasts a fan-favorite feature: a top-fill tank. There’s no need to flip anything over when you refill this tank. Simply remove the lid, pour purified or distilled water directly into the tank, and replace the lid. You can also easily reach inside the wide opening to clean the tank and keep the OasisMist in top condition. 

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