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Levoit Vital 200S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

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Revitalize your space with the new Levoit Vital 200S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier. Using thoughtful features and technology, learn more about how you can deliver freshness to your day with the simple touch of a button.  

Vital 200S air purifier in bedroom


Purpose and Effectiveness 

The Vital 200S provides long-lasting comfort by creating a purified atmosphere for your home. From pet-friendly households to home-cooking hubs, the Vital 200S’s high-grade clean air delivery rate of 245 CFM, energy-efficient DC motor, and low noise levels will keep your space fresh so you can focus more on the things you love. Plus, enjoy flexibility in placement with the 3-sided U-shaped large air inlet ducts and leave your air purifier against the wall rather than somewhere central. The infrared dust sensor will pick up on any pollutants to protect your space for peace of mind.  

Healthy Home, Healthy Lifestyle 

Vital 200S in bedroom

Take your home health to the next level with the Vital 200S’s long-lasting 3-stage filtration system equipped with a Washable Pre-Filter (captures dust, pet fur, hair), H13 True HEPA Filter (traps at least 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in size), and an Activated Carbon Filter (neutralizes smoke, fumes, and odors).  

Whether you are at home or away, rest easily knowing that your space will always be refreshed with purified air. Use the touch display to turn on Auto or Sleep Mode and choose between the updated 4 fan settings with turbo speed to match your preferences. You can also enjoy smart features and Pet Mode using the free VeSync app as well as activate voice control to remotely operate your air purifier with ease. 

Breathe in a new breath of comfort knowing that the Vital 200S is energy-efficient and does not release harmful emissions. With certifications from ENERGY STAR, CA65, FCC, and more, lead a healthy lifestyle using a product that meets the highest standards.  

Easy and Minimal Maintenance 

Never compromise on design and efficiency with the Vital 200S. The sleek UI touch panel includes air quality indicator color rings, so you always know the status of your atmosphere.  The filter also only requires a simple replacement every 12 months so you can enjoy clean air year-round without compromising quality. With its compact size and easy maintenance, make the most of your time knowing that the Vital 200S always has you covered. Life happens in your home, keep it fresh.