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Levoit-Approved Gifts for Mom

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Levoit’s goal has always been to turn everyday places into happy spacesand no one does that quite as well as Mom. This Mother’s Day, treat her to something that fuels both her wellbeing and her soul, whether it be through food, flowers, or even a breath of clean air. Below are eight Levoit-approved gift ideas for Mom from some of our favorite like-minded brands. 

1. For the hostess mom: Levoit Vital 200S Air Purifier 

Vital 200S Smart Air Purifier in home

Nothing beats the gift of fresh, clean air. For the mom who takes pride in her home, gift her the Levoit Vital 200S air purifier, which can trap airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, fumes, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). With QuietKEAP™ technology and smart controls, Mom won’t even need to leave her cozy spot to make her home smell fresh and clean. 

2. For the eco-conscious mom: Public Goods 

Public Goods products

Public Goods offers a wide variety of beautifully designed, sustainably packaged products like skincare, home goods, and even food items. Gift Mom a $75 annual membership, which will give her access to savings on premium products and free shipping, or browse some of their bundles and gift sets if you’re looking for a more tangible Mother’s Day gift. 

3. For the dog mom: Grounds and Hounds 

Grounds and Hounds

What mom doesn’t love waking up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee? And when that cup of coffee supports dog rescue organizations and initiatives, it tastes even better. Grounds and Hounds sells specially-roasted-and-designed brews, mugs, apparel, and even dog toys, and donates 20% of all profits to animal rescue organizations that provide a second chance for pups in need. 

4. For the homebody mom: Barefoot Dreams blanket

Barefoot Dreams blanket

Few things are better than curling up with a cozy blanket and a good book, so treat Mom to one of softest throw blankets out there. The Barefoot Dreams CozyChic throw is irresistibly soft and stretchy and comes in a variety of appealing, trendy colors—and if you’re looking for a good book to complete the pairing, browse some top choices for Mom here. 

5. For the mom with a sweet tooth: Jeni's Ice Cream 

Jenni's Ice Cream

Jeni’s Ice Cream has been whipping up unique and delectable flavors for nearly 20 years, but you don’t need to live near a brick-and-mortar location to treat Mom this Mother’s Day. Jeni’s delicious ice cream pints come in flavors like Brambleberry Crisp, Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns, and Frosé Sorbet, and can be shipped in packages of six, nine, or 18. The only downside will be trying to choose what flavors to order. 

6. For the plant mom: The Sill snake plant + humidifier 

Woman with Levoit OasisMist 450S Humidifier

Even if Mom isn’t known for her green thumb, an easy-to-care-for house plant like a Snake Plant Laurentii will bring a touch of natural greenery and warmth to her home. These plants are known for being able to tolerate low light and little water, but can still grow to be three to four feet tall. Bonus: snake plants have air purifying capabilities, so the air in her home will be a bit fresher and cleaner. 

And to keep her new snake plant healthy and happy, as well as the air in her home comfortable, consider adding an easy-to-use smart humidifier, like the Levoit LV600S or OasisMist 450S. Both feature ultrasonic technology, smart control, and an aromatherapy pad where essential oils can be added for a light, refreshing fragrance.  

 7. For the mom who loves to bake: Caraway Home  

Caraway in kitchen

If Mom enjoys showing her love through baking, gift her an upgraded bakeware set, like this one from Caraway Home. This 5-piece set includes two baking sheets, a muffin pan, a rectangle pan, and cabinet organizers, but the best part? All of Caraway Home’s ceramic cookware products are designed with your health in mind and made with nonstick, non-toxic materials. 

 8. For every mom: Farmgirl Flowers 

Farmgirl Flowers

Not sure what to get mom this Mother’s Day? You can’t go wrong with a stunning bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers. Farmgirl Flowers is the only large scale, female-founded flower company and they offer floral arrangements both wrapped in sustainable burlap and displayed in unique vases. You can also add on special touches like chocolates, shortbread cookies, or a handwritten card. 

The products listed here are not paid advertisements of any kind and Levoit does not receive any form of compensation for this article. 

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