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Humidifiers to Help Alleviate Eczema Symptoms

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Eczema is a silent prevalence in the community that all too often is dismissed as a harmless childhood inconvenience. Many people believe the skin condition is something that is outgrown and mainly rests as a cosmetic issue; however, eczema affects nearly 32 million people in the U.S., and its influence on sufferers’ lives cuts deeper than the skin. From itchy skin and rash-like bumps to image distortion and social isolation, it is a condition that many do not fully understand. 

While eczema is a daily battle for many, symptoms are not deadly, and basic treatment with a humidifier may be all it takes to get your skin under control. One of the best ways to combat symptoms is to rebalance the moisture in your skin barrier. Whether your environment is too dry, or your body simply could do with a healthy dose of lotion, a humidifier is a reliable step towards controlling irritating symptoms.  

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Keep Moisture Consistent 

Consistent moisture around you will lead to soothed, healthier skin and reduce the triggers that cause eczema. According to experts, humidity levels between 30–50% is a reasonable range for eczema-prone individuals. Put moisture back into your air using a humidifier and keep the relative humidity in your room at a sustained level for less flare-ups. However, make sure that your humidity levels remain below 50%. Higher levels can lead to mold and bacteria growth and make your room feel damp, which may aggravate your eczema symptoms. 

Prevent Infection 

Eczema can cause your skin to crack, a problem that can lead to an infection. Prevent this from happening by keeping your environment maintained with a humidifier. Whether you are sleeping or working from the room, a moisturized environment could be what is needed to control the condition. 

Take Care of Your Skin 

While cutting out dry air in consistently occupied areas will undoubtedly soothe the pains of eczema, proper skin care is also key to relieving symptoms. Avoid bathing in hot temperatures and stick to gentle cleansers for less chances of irritations. Make sure to follow each wash with lotions or creams twice a day to moisturize the skin and protect the skin barrier from worsening eczema complications.   

Eczema Awareness 

October is Eczema Awareness Month and is a time to illuminate the complexity and wide control the condition has on a large portion of the population. It’s an everyday trouble that not only causes physical challenges, but mental ones as well. However, with the proper care and understanding from those affected and those who aren’t, eczema no longer needs to be shrouded in a stigma of just “waiting to be outgrown,” but can be addressed for the real condition it is.  

With proper care and understanding, eczema can become something that no one needs to silently suffer through and can be addressed for the real condition it is.  

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