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How to Clean the Levoit LVAC-200 Cordless Vacuum

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At Levoit, we like to keep maintenance simple. Regular upkeep helps your Levoit LVAC-200 Cordless Vacuum maintain peak condition, ensuring every cleaning is efficient and worth your time.

Let’s get started!

How to Assemble the Vacuum

You’ll be freshening up your space in no time.

  1. Start by aligning the dots on the long stick and short stick, then push together until they lock in place.
  2. Attach the vacuum head or a nozzle attachment to the bottom of the stick, then attach the vacuum body to the top of the stick. There will be a small clicking sound when the parts are properly joined together.
  3. Charge the vacuum and turn on when you’re ready to clean.

How to Mount the Charger

No need to stuff your vacuum into a crowded closet—save space and charge your vacuum in one go! Just make sure the charger is high enough on the wall to allow the vacuum to stand up.

  1. Install the wall mount by screwing it into the wall near a power outlet.
  2. Hang the vacuum on the wall mount.
  3. Insert the charger into the charging port on the battery.
  4. Plug the charger into the outlet. The battery lights will blink while charging.
  5. When the vacuum is fully charged, the 3 battery indicator lights will turn solid for 5 minutes, then turn off.

How to Switch Between Nozzle Attachments

Remove stubborn pet fur from upholstery with the 2-in-1 Pet Tool or clean hard-to-reach places with the handy Crevice Tool.

  1. Press and hold the Vacuum Body Release Button and gently pull the vacuum body from the stick.
  2. Slide the nozzle attachment onto the vacuum body.
  3. Optionally, leave the stick attached to the vacuum body and press the Vacuum Head Release Button to remove the vacuum head. Then, attach the nozzle attachment to the end of the stick.

How to Clean the Vacuum Body, Dust Bin, and Filters

Regular maintenance keeps your LVAC-200 in top-notch condition. We recommend washing the felt filter and foam filter at least once a month and washing the post-motor filter at least once a year.

  1. Wipe the outside of the vacuum down with a damp cloth.
  2. Press the Dust Bin Release Button and pull the dust bin to remove it.
  3. Remove the felt filter and foam filter from the top of the dust bin.
  4. Rotate the metal filter counterclockwise to remove it.
  5. Rinse the dust bin, metal filter, foam filter, and felt filter with water.
  6. Pull out the post-motor filter from the vacuum body.
  7. If the post-motor filter looks dirty, rinse with water.
  8. Allow all parts to dry before reassembling.

How to Clean the Roller Brush

Make sure to periodically check the condition of your roller brush to prevent buildup. If the roller brush is clogged or jammed, the roller brush will automatically turn off.

  1. Press the Vacuum Head Release Button to remove the vacuum head.
  2. Press the Roller Brush Release Button, slide the side panel up to open, then pull out the roller brush.
  3. If the roller brush is jammed, carefully use scissors or a sharp knife to remove any hair or debris tangled around the roller brush.
  4. Insert the roller brush back into the vacuum head. Slide the side panel down to lock it in place.

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