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How to Clean & Maintain the VortexIQ™ 40 Cordless Vacuum

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At Levoit, we like to keep maintenance simple. Regular upkeep helps your Levoit VortexIQ™ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum maintain peak condition, ensuring every cleaning is efficient and worth your time. 

How to Assemble the Vacuum 

To begin, attach the vacuum head, battery pack, and body to the stick and let the vacuum fully charge. Once it’s ready, turn on the vacuum and start cleaning. The vacuum will automatically start in Auto Mode. This mode uses DPC Technology™ to make automatic suction power adjustments based on the amount of debris it detects—optimizing runtime and cleaning efficiency. To control the suction power level manually, simply press the “plus” or “minus” buttons. 

How to Switch Between Tools 

If you’d like to use an attachment, press and hold the Vacuum Body Release Button and gently pull the vacuum body away from the stick. Add your chosen attachment to the vacuum body and start cleaning. 


How to Install the Charging Dock 

Mount the charging dock by screwing it into the wall near a power outlet. Make sure that the charging dock is high enough on the wall to allow the vacuum to stand up. Then insert the charger into the charging port on the dock and plug the charger into the outlet. Now you can hang the vacuum on the charging dock and let it charge. 


How to Clean the Dust Bin & Metal Filter 

When the dust bin reaches the MAX line, it’s time to empty it. First, turn off the vacuum and remove the vacuum body by pressing the Vacuum Body Release Button.  


Then hold the dust bin over a trash can and press the Dust Bin Release Button. Once emptied, you can remove the dust bin and rinse it under water. Dry the dust bin with a soft cloth before reassembling. 


Remove the metal filter from the vacuum body in the dust bin and rinse it with water. Next, pull off the pre-filter housing from the top of the vacuum body, then remove the pre-filter. Gently tap the pre-filter over a trash can to remove dust and debris. 


How to Wash the HEPA-Type Filters 

To clean the main filter, rotate the main filter housing counterclockwise to remove it from the back end of the vacuum body, then remove the main filter. Gently tap the main filter over a trash can to remove dust and debris. If the filters are especially dirty, you can rinse them with water. Just remember to let the filters completely air dry in a ventilated area before reinstallation to avoid mildew and mold growth. 


How to Clean the Roller Brush 

First, turn off the vacuum and press the Vacuum Head Release Button to remove the vacuum head. Then, press the Roller Brush Release Button and pull out the roller brush. Carefully remove anything, such as hair or fur, wrapped around the roller brush. Once finished, reinsert the roller brush and slide the side panel up to lock it in place. 

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