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How Many Humidifiers Do You Need?

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Humidifiers have a wide range of uses, for you and your household. They enable you to improve your home’s atmosphere with the touch of a button or the tap of a screen. 
Humidifiers can: 
  • Help keep our airways clear of mucus and build-up
  • Help hair and skin retain moisture
  • Help soothe irritated and sore throats
  • Create an ideal environment for plant growth
  • Help keep wood furniture and flooring in good condition

Levoit 1000S Smart Humidifier Tower

Why do you need multiple humidifiers? 

Zoning areas of your home with humidifiers ensures every space gets the attention it needs, as well as the people and plants residing in them. This also improves the overall humidity quality of your home. 
While some homes can make do with 1 or 2 humidifiers, such as open-floor plans or small apartments, some may benefit from keeping multiple humidifiers throughout their home. 
These cases include: 
  • Rooms that are closed off from the rest of your home and need their own humidifier
  • Homes in climates that are especially dry and need extra help
  • When household residents prefer different levels of humidity
  • When household residents prefer different humidifier features

Levoit humidifiers

It’s also important to make sure every room has a humidifier that matches its square footage. This will prevent the humidity level from getting too high or too low. 

How to Calculate How Many Humidifiers You Need 

  1. Count how many rooms will need their own humidifier

  2. Find the square footage of each room

  3. Determine what kind of humidifier would best suit each room

  4. Example: If it is a child’s room, a cool mist humidifier with a night light may be ideal

Placing Levoit humidifiers in specific rooms

Whichever humidifier you choose, experts recommend a humidity level between 30–60% as an optimal percentage for daily living. 

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