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Different Ways to Use Your Vacuum Accessories

  • 1 min read

There are some spots in our homes that we don’t think about cleaning—we might even avoid them, knowing how difficult or tedious the process will be. Spots like the window blinds and the awkward area around the toilet. To help you get the most out of your vacuuming, we’re sharing a few creative ways to clean with the Levoit VortexIQ™ 40 Cordless Stick Vacuum accessories. 


2-in-1 Dusting Brush 

This accessory is perfect for fragile or soft surfaces in need of deep cleaning. 

Keyboard: Dust and crumbs can really pile up between keyboard buttons. Keep your laptop or computer keyboard in great condition with a quick cleaning once a week. 

Mattress: Like every other flat surface, a mattress collects dust, dander, and crumbs—even with fitted sheets on top. Give your mattress a quick vacuum every time you change the sheets to keep your bed fresh. 

Window Blinds: These can be tedious to clean, especially when dust buildup requires more than a quick swipe with a duster. Vacuum your blinds weekly to help prevent dust and grime buildup. 

Plant Leaves: Layers of dust can block sunlight and harm a plant’s photosynthesis process. Gently vacuuming indoor plants with large, sturdy leaves, such as fiddle-leaf fig trees, can help keep them beautiful and healthy. 

Baseboards: Kneeling on all fours to clean baseboards isn’t fun. Use the 2-in-1 Dusting Brush to spare your knees and finish the job faster. 

Telescoping Crevice Tool 

Whenever you need to vacuum a tight corner or crevice, this accessory comes in handy.

Dryer: Lint and fibers can get stuck around the tray area, but it’s nothing a quick vacuuming can’t fix. 

Bathroom Corners: That area around the toilet can be so awkward and hard to thoroughly clean. Use the Telescoping Crevice Tool to reach every spot without breaking a sweat. 

Car Seats: Remove crumbs from between and under seats, as well as every other nook and cranny that’s impossible to reach with a traditional handheld vacuum.