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Create the Dorm Room of Your Dreams

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Who doesn’t feel nostalgic about back-to-school shopping? Leaving summer behind always felt a bit less painful when you were picking out colored pencils and notebooks with your favorite cartoon characters on them.

Shopping for your dorm room is just as fun; in fact, we think more so! Here’s a list of items that will help make your dream dorm room a reality:

1. Air Purifier

Create an ideal study space with an air purifier that can help filter airborne dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, and more. Our helpful sidekicks:

The Space Saver: Core Mini

The Know-It-All: Core 200S

The Wallflower: Vital 100

2. Humidifier

When dry air causes discomfort, it’s great to have your own source of humidity. Our helpful sidekick is the Dual 200S, a humidifier and essential oil diffuser in one.

3. Vacuum

Everyone loves a roomie who keeps a clean room. The LVAC-200 not only makes vacuuming easier, but the attachments make even the tightest corners reachable and cleanable.

4. Tower Fan

When you’re stuck inside, bring the breeze to you with a tower fan. With our smart tower fan, you can change settings without getting up.

5. Bedding

Set Go to sleep in style and comfort with this bedding set.

6. Shower Caddy

This durable caddy dries quickly and has all the pockets you need to stay organized.

7. Lamp

A lamp that charges your phone and stores school supplies? Yes, please! 

8. Bedside Caddy

This bedside caddy is incredibly helpful for students who like to have their essentials near them or who sleep in the top bunk.

9. Picture Frames

When the future seems unclear, keep all your favorite memories in plain sight with this cute scalloped picture frame.

10. Pinboard & Dry Erase Calendar

Sure, we have phones, but this is more fun. Keep track of assignments, important info, and dorm hall events with this pinboard and dry erase calendar!

11. Electric Kettle

No time to stop by the dining hall? Use this compact electric kettle to heat water for tea, noodles, and coffee.

12. Mug & Warmer

There’s nothing like a sip of something hot to keep your spirits up! Elevate your studying with a drink that never gets cold, thanks to this mug and warmer set

13. Mini Fridge

No one likes to study on an empty stomach. Keep fresh snacks and drinks on hand with this petite mini fridge

14. Quick-Dry Towels

Say goodbye to dampness with these cute and soft quick-dry towels

15. Bathrobe

This ultra-soft robe will keep you warm and cozy on cold nights.


We hope you’re getting excited for move-in day! Here’s a checklist version of our top-picks:

□ Air Purifier

□ Humidifier

□ Vacuum

□ Tower Fan

□ Bedding Set

□ Shower Caddy

□ Lamp

□ Bedside Caddy

□ Picture Frames

□ Pinboard & Dry Erase Calendar

□ Electric Kettle

□ Mug & Warmer

□ Mini Fridge

□ Quick-Dry Towels

□ Bathrobe

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