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5 Tips to Keep Seasonal Allergies Under Control

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With Spring right around the corner, it can seem like the worst time of year for those who suffer from allergies. Allergy symptoms occur when your immune system identifies a substance like pollen, dust, or dander as a threat and stimulates the immune system, causing you to sneeze, sniffle, and have itchy, watery eyes. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce allergens at home and keep symptoms under control.

man cleaning the home

Keep Things Clean

Dust, pollen, and other allergens love to sneak around when you’re not looking. Window curtains, countertops, bookshelves—even our mattresses and pillows can fall prey to dust mites and other irritants. Regularly dusting, sanitizing, and special mattress/pillow protectors can significantly reduce allergy symptoms. And don’t forget to poke around in all the hidden nooks and crannies where dust and allergens like to set up camp.

Let an Air Purifier Do the Work

air purifier on the desk

Some allergens you can see and clean, but some float right by, barely visible to the naked eye. An air purifier can catch these airborne allergens before they settle into your home. These air purifiers can capture and neutralize all the gunk, like pollen, dust, pet dander and household odors, and leave nothing but fresh air behind.

Restrict Pollen From Coming Indoors

cleaning and wiping down the dog to prevent pollen from coming indoors

The more pollen that finds its way into your home, the more likely allergy symptoms will be triggered. Keep windows and doors closed as often as possible, and try not to leave indoor items outside for allergen hitchhikers to get a free ride into your home. Take your shoes off as soon as you come inside, and any four-legged friends should probably get their paws wiped down, too. Lastly, taking a shower before going to sleep can make sure any pollen that got stuck to your clothes or skin during the day doesn’t make it into your bed.

Prevent Mold

With mold spores causing allergy symptoms and potentially more serious symptoms, prevention is key. Mold thrives in humid, wet environments, so it’s important to make sure laundry, towels, and other fabrics are quickly and thoroughly dried after being wet. Indoor plants can also, unfortunately, be a breeding place for mold, especially in poorly ventilated areas. If you suffer from allergies, relocating plants to an outdoor space may help soothe symptoms.

Eat All the Good Stuff

citrus ginger and tea to help fight allergy symptoms

Combat seasonal allergies from the inside out. You can’t magically make your allergies go away through diet changes, but you can strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation with mindful eating habits. Daily vitamins, wellness teas, ginger, citrus fruits, and turmeric are just a few natural remedies that help fortify your system against allergy symptoms.

We hope these allergy tips bring you some much-needed relief this spring! Enjoy the warm weather, and thank you for being a part of the Levoit family.

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