• Vacuuming is now easier than ever

    The LVAC-200 Cordless Stick Vacuum makes cleaning feel as easy as playtime.

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Anti-Tangle effective for pet hair

“The anti-tangle technology is effective, especially with pet hair. It’s a good option for pet owners and those looking for a versatile cordless vacuum.”


Impressed what came out of the rug

“I have a short hair cat, and while he doesn’t shed much, I was still impressed by the amount of hair and dust was able to get out of the rug in our family room.”

C. Stahl

Gets pet hair trapped in corners

“I have chronic pain, so I needed something easy but strong because I have 3 pets. Pet hair gets trapped in corners and this grabs it right out.”


No more cutting hair out the brush

"Found the perfect replacement for my aging vacuum. Going to give it five stars just on the face that I don't have to cut hair out the brush anymore."


Note: Claims in these reviews are made by customers and not Levoit. Visit our products' listing pages to learn about product features.

Low Maintenance

  • Washable Filter*

    Wash and reuse the filters instead of having you replace them every time.
    *To maintain the performance of your filters, they should be washed once a month and replaced every 3 months
  • Easy-to-Clean Roller Brush

    Easily removed and wash the detachable roller brush.

Pet Mode Activated

The LVAC-200's 5-stage filtration effectively captures and holds pet hair, dander, and other debris.

  • LVAC-200 Cordless Vacuum - Levoit
  • Clean Floors start with the LVAC-200.

    What's better for you is better for them too. Say goodbye to tangles and hello to thorough cleaning with the LVAC-200 Cordless Stick Vacuum. Perfect for pet owners and allergy sufferers alike.

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