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Levoit Blog
What Is a True HEPA Air Purifier, and Can You Benefit...
Contaminants come from all sorts of household activities, like using gas-fired appliances, cleaning products, fireplaces and smoking cigarettes. Allergens like...
Levoit Blog
Levoit For #TeamTrees
As a company based out of Southern California, we here at Levoit have experienced the disastrous effects of wildfires on...
Levoit Blog
5 Air-Purifying House Plants That Are Safe For Pets
Plants add a bright and warming touch to our homes. Their release of oxygen is a luxury in poorly ventilated...
Levoit Blog
Core 300 True HEPA Air Purifier Wins 2020 iF Design Award...
For 3 days in Hamburg, Germany, 78 renowned design experts from around the world gathered to choose the winners of...
Levoit Blog
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