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How an Air Purifier Helps Combat Allergies & Asthma

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If your allergies worsen around springtime, you’re not alone. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology estimates that allergic rhinitis, also called hay fever, effects roughly 24.4 million Americans every year.  

The springtime growth of plants and trees increases airborne pollen counts, and if you live in a humid or rainy state, increased mold may occur. These allergens, along with the usual dust, pet dander, and others, often make spring the worst time of the year for seasonal allergies. 

Allergy symptoms can spoil our daily activities, comfort, and sleep. An air purifier can help you combat indoor allergens and reclaim your home as a breath of fresh air. 

 Female Sneezing

Why do I have allergies? 

When you’re allergic to something, your body sends antibodies to attack it. These antibodies trigger cells to release the chemical histamine. This chemical can cause increased mucus production, sneezing, watery eyes, and more—whatever it takes to flush the allergens out of your body.  

However, you can always have too much of a good thing, and histamines can cause our bodies to overreact to allergens. That’s why allergy medications are called antihistamines—to help stop or tame your body’s reaction to allergens. 


How do seasonal allergies affect asthma symptoms? 

Asthma is diagnosed when a person’s airways are easily inflamed and narrowed by environmental stressors, causing coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. Airborne allergens increase inflammation and mucus production—irritating respiratory systems and contributing to asthma flare ups. 

 Male with Core 600S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

How do air purifiers help? 

Ironically, simply staying inside won’t protect you from outdoor allergens. Indoor spaces often have little to no air circulation. Allergens can enter your home every time a door or window opens, and they can even sneak in on your clothes and shoes.  

An air purifier can help with indoor air circulation. Find an air purifier with a powerful Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) which sucks allergens into its filtration system and releases pure air back into your home. Better air circulation can even help prevent the spread and breeding of bacteria. 

Another important quality in any good air purifier is its filtration capabilities. Levoit Air Purifiers filter airborne particles—that includes pollen, dust, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. Catching these allergens before they reach you can help you relax without worrying about symptoms.

Air purifiers are especially useful for those with babies and children. Their young immune systems can be extra-sensitive to seasonal allergies, messing up their sleep cycles and spoiling playtime. Keep springtime at home enjoyable for everyone by using an air purifier that reduces symptom-causing allergens.  


Our recommendation? 

If you’re looking for a powerful air purifier for extra-large spaces, we recommend the Levoit Core® 600S Smart Air Purifier. With a CADR of 410 CFM, it completely purifies a 635 ft² room 5x per hour. It also comes with 3-stage filtration, which includes a Pre-Filter, Main Filter, and a Custom High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter.


The Pre-Filter helps protect the lifespan of the Main Filter by trapping large particles like pet fur, hair, and lint. Then the Main filter does its work, filtering out the allergens that make you sneeze, cough, and wheeze. Lastly, the Custom High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter takes care of household odors, fumes, smoke, and VOCs, so you can have a home that feels and smells fresh. 

With smart control, automated scheduling, air quality scans, and noise levels as low as 26dB, this air purifier is designed to help you thrive in any season. 



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