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5 Benefits of Humidifiers During Flu Season

  • 1 min read

Creating a space where you feel comfortable, cared for, and relaxed is essential. Especially this year, as we prep for the upcoming ‘twindemic’, which describes the combination of Covid-19 and the flu season. So, what’s a simple way you can upgrade your home wellness routine this year? Try adding one of our favorites—a humidifier.

First, a little bit about humidifiers.

Humidifiers put moisture back into dry air with warm or cool mist. Known as a cost-effective and more natural way to improve home wellness, they have quickly become one of the most popular products in the industry. Many humidifier users have even seen their skin, congestion, and quality of sleep noticeably improve with long-term use.

When looking for a humidifier, always pay attention to special features, such as smart control, humidity sensors, and night lights. Details can make all the difference. But first, take a look at the top 5 benefits of humidifiers during flu season.

Our favorite benefits.

1. Combat Congestion

Women having congested nose

Congestion is not only uncomfortable, but it can harm our quality of sleep, limit our sense of smell, and awkwardly turn every eye to us when we blow our nose in a quiet room. When the weather is dry and bacteria is being passed around, congestion can become a serious problem. Humidifiers help keep your nasal passageways clear, so you can continue living and sleeping comfortably through every season.

2. Soothe Coughing & Sore Throats

Man with sore throat

During flu season, the air tends to get colder and drier. Because of this, our throats can lack moisture, causing that dry, painful cough. Dry coughing and sore throats are not only disruptive to our everyday lives, but they make the road to recovery that much longer. Humidifiers help send moisture back into your airways. This helps break down mucus in your lungs and makes coughs more productive, so you can clear your airways and recover faster.

3. Catch Quality Zzz’s

Woman sleeping with LV600S on

Walking around with dry coughs and congestion is irritating enough, but trying to sleep with these symptoms can be even worse. Dry air can also cause louder snoring because your airways aren’t clear. With a humidifier, you can create an ideal environment to encourage quality sleep—especially for babies. For these little ones, we recommend using a cool mist setting, as the water on a warm mist setting can be hot if spilled.

Another pro tip for promoting good sleep—natural aromatherapy. In addition to providing mist, many Levoit humidifiers include an aroma pad for essential oils. If you use the same relaxing scent every night, your brain will start to associate it with going to bed, making falling asleep even easier.

4. Hydrate Dry Skin

Woman with dry and itchy skin

There might be nothing less refreshing than waking up with cracked lips and dry skin. Plus, the buildup of static electricity in the dry air can make your hair go haywire. Those with dry skin conditions, such as dermatitis, can especially struggle with a dry atmosphere.

This is when a humidifier with a humidity sensor comes in handy. For most people, 40–50% RH (relative humidity) is comfortable. If you’d like to customize the humidity level of your room, find a humidifier that sends real-time humidity level updates to your phone and allows you to adjust mist levels accordingly. With a convenient system like that, you can keep your indoor humidity levels healthy, no matter where you are or what the weather is like outside.

5. Help Plants Thrive

Roomful of plants on shelves

Though they don’t catch the flu like we do, our green babies can get the winter blues, too. For some plant varieties, the change in weather during flu season can cause severe dryness and leaf brittleness. Give your plants some quality mist time every day. You might even notice their taking on a healthy glow with a consistently balanced atmosphere.

In Conclusion.

Many Levoit humidifiers also offer both warm and cool mist—cool mist is safest for little ones and pets, while warm mist is nice during cold winter months and tends to be even quieter. Whether you want all the bells and whistles, or a simple product that blends into the background, it’s important to have a humidifier that’s just right for you.