Introducing: Halo 
Multifunctional Aroma Diffuser

Inspired by the London Eye, the Levoit Halo Aroma Diffuser is a sleek
and sophisticated design in the realm of aromatherapy. Combine your
favorite fragrances, colors, and sounds to bring relaxation at home,
in the office, or even in the hotel room while on vacation. The Levoit
Halo Aroma Diffuser is where sight, sound and smell come together to
create a soothing atmosphere.
Custom Colors
Choose from 16 million colors on each light panel to customize your diffuser. Customize the Halo’s light through the free VeSync App—leaving you with full control over the atmosphere you want to create.
Three Diffuser Modes
Create stunning visuals when light meets mist. With low, medium, and high diffuser modes, release your favorite fragrance into a room at your own pace.
Manual Mode
With Vesync
You can customize the Light, Mist Level and Operation time under the manual mode.
Auto Mode
With Vesync
You can choose Sleep and Relax mode under Auto Mode
Using the bluetooth speaker plays your favorite music